Exhibition "Caves of Haiti" in Port-au-Prince

10 November 2015 - by Stephanie Jagou

The exhibition "Caves of Haiti" was proposed in the international versionat the museum of theBNE (National Bureau of Ethnology) (Ministry of Culture).
The opening ceremony will be november 11, 2015.

The Bureau of Ethnology new museum building
Carole Devillers

The exhibition will tour in the major cities of Haiti in the Alliances Française cultural centers in 2016

Admission :
Admission to the exhibition is free

Opening hours :
daily* 9am to 5pm
*closed on sundays and mondays

Exhibition opening ceremony
Carole Devillers
’Caves of Haiti" exhibition at the BNE
Carole Devillers
Main entrance of the Ethnology museum

(photos: Carole Devillers)

Next venues

Cap Haïtien: january 29th to february 21, 2016
Gonaïves: february 26th to 18 march 18th, 2016
Jacmel: april 1st to 15th, 2016
Jeremie: may 1st to 10 june 10th, 2016
Les Cayes: june 1st to 15th, 2016

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