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Anba, in the Depths of Haiti (the movie)

1 January 2020 - by Olivier Testa

To present the caves of Haiti to a wider, international, outdoor-sport oriented audience, the Ministry of Tourism charged Vladimir Cellier (Baraka Flims) to produce a short movie.
Known for its offbeat humour, and striking music creations, the film director immersed himself in Haiti for 3 weeks in duo with Julien Nadiras (camera).
The result is unexpected.

The film was aimed at being presented in festivals, and the public was either enthousiast, or baffled. It is now available for viewers on the internet.

We advise you to watch it on a big screen with a good sound system

please switch on english subtitles

Public screenings

 Rencontre du Cinema de Montagne, Grenoble (France) nov 2018
 Festival International du Film de Montagne Autrans (France) dec 2018
 Speleo Film festival Karlovac (Croatia) dec 2018
 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (Canada) march 2019 + World Tour
 Triomphe Port-au-Prince (Haiti) mar 2019
 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival (New Zealand) jun-jul 2019
 Ulju Mountain Film Festival (South Korea) sept 2019
 Cité des Sciences La Villette, Paris, sept 2019
 Banff Mountain film festival, Banff (Canada), nov 2019
 Mountainfilm international Film Festival Graz (Austria), nov 2019
 BBK Mendi Film Festival, Bilbao (Spain), dec 2019
 Explorimages, Festival International de l’Image de Nature et d’Aventure, Nice (France), dec 2019